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I've written or co-written eleven books, some of which have appeared in several languages. The majority are about the maths of everyday life, but I've also written books on cricket, memory and creative thinking.



I am Director of Maths Inspiration, a national programme of interactive lecture shows in theatres that has reached over 100,000 teenagers in the last ten years. I'm closely involved with the UK maths community, from primary schools to universities.


Talks & Radio

I give talks to adults, teenagers and children that range from small interactive workshops to keynote lectures in front of several hundred. I've also done lots of radio (including numerous appearances on BBC Radio 4's More Or Less) and many podcasts.

Recent Blogs

The Rule of, I mean...72
26 January 22

If you want to know how long your savings will take to double, the Rule of 72 is a remarkably accurate calculation trick. more...

Greek letters
3 December 21

Greek letters are used throughout maths, so why isn't the Greek alphabet a standard part of the curriculum? more...

Imagine a Maths exam written by History teachers
3 November 21

Maths at school often has little interaction with other subjects. But what if maths exams were set by history, art, music and science teachers? more...

Memories of Ted Dexter
27 August 21

It was a privilege to know and work with Ted Dexter for many years. Here are some personal memories. more...

A Special Relationship
17 August 21

It's exciting to discover you have a famous relative or ancestor and the good news is that most of us have one. more...

The Two-Ewes-Day Problem
15 May 21

Six years after I set the challenge for somebody to give me a realistic scenario where the boy-girl 'paradox' arises, one has cropped up. more...

Dr John Haigh, RIP
10 March 21

John Haigh was an inspiration more...

Who Cares?
22 February 21

Some puzzles and problems are engaging, but others prompt the reaction 'Who Cares?'. What makes the difference? more...

Catch Up
16 January 21

Every so often a new game is invented that is simple and yet has hidden depths. Catch Up is a wonderful example. more...