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ALGEBRA      Ice Cream Puzzle   Upside-Down Equation   Greek letters

APPLYING FORMULAE    Finding typos    Rule of 72   Lazy Revision

ARITHMETIC   Two sig figures    Three sevenths    Arithmeticians   Zequals

BODMAS    Bodmas confusion


EXPECTED VALUE   Big Bass arcade    Rugby decision

FERMI QUESTIONS    Crossing the road    Hole-in-one   Pole-vault     Pencil sharpening     Richard III descendants  

GAME THEORY  Honourable Kiwis  Biscuit guilt   ABBA Penalties   Penalty shootout   Davis cup


LOCI  Six yard box

LOGARITHMS  The Rule of 72

NEGATIVE NUMBERS    Underground numbers

MEASUREMENT    Inching   Fibonacci distance   Football pitch   The Las Vegas pool   Tennis serve

MECHANICS  Crossing the road    Pole vault

MODELLING   Biscuit guilt   Lazy revision    Edinburgh Trams   Travelator

ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE  From Kilo to Bronto  Zequals

PERCENTAGES  Rule of 72    16 Percent

PI   Pi goals

PROBABILITY  Birthday coincidence   Big Bass arcade   Black Queen   Boy girl    Chicken Pies  HannahSweets   Hole-in-one  Monty Hall   Rugby decision   Shooting stars   Sisters   Sleeping Beauty  

QUADRATICS  HannahSweets   Upside-Down Equation

RATIOS  Chicken Pies  Fibonacci distance   Golden rectangle    The Las Vegas pool    


SQUARE ROOTS  Calculator candles    Ben Stokes

STANDARD FORM  From Kilo to Bronto

STATISTICS  Core Maths   Dicey-Survey   Exam-grades    False Positives  Flood Risks    Covid spread    Pi goals  Goal glut  

TOPOLOGY  Blackpool Rollercoaster

VECTORS  Tennis serve

VOLUME OF CYLINDER/CONE  Pencil sharpening