Primary School Children

Magical Maths

Primary school children love magic, and many tricks are based on maths. In this lively show, with plenty of audience participation, Rob demonstrates a number of his favourite maths-based tricks. These include tricks with calculators, magic squares and cards - as well as the extremely popular Ice Cream trick. The tricks are great material for investigations in later maths lessons some teacher notes are provided with the talk, and the shows are ideal for groups with a wide range of abilities. Children leave highly enthused and keen to try things out.

For older children, Rob combines mind-reading tricks with puzzles and mathematical mysteries. He also challenges the audience to beat him at a game... in which they invariably succeed after several failed attempts and a few clues.  SUITABLE FOR YEARS 3-6

Double Trouble

This workshop is a fun way to learn the valuable life skill of being able to double and halve numbers in your head.  Starting with a 'think of a number' mind-reading trick, and following it up with a game called 'Double or Quit', Rob gets children excited as they gain confidence in doubling numbers, daring each other to see how high they can get.  (The talk can include a section about about old units like pounds, pints and Fahrenheit that (some of) the children's parents use, and how doubling can help them to convert from one unit to another.)   SUITABLE FOR YEAR 5/6


"Thanks for inspiring us all to get excited about maths in a fresh new way. Children and teachers alike had a fabulous time." Sacred Heart, Battersea  2021

"Lots of our class took the tricks home and did them with their families.”  Year 5 pupil, Malmesbury Primary, Merton 2021.