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Maths On The Go

When life is busy, it isn't always possible to sit down with your child and help them get to grips with important maths skills like multiplication, fractions and general problem solving.  In this lively talk, Rob offers a range of simple tips and games that you can try anywhere, any time.  Find out how to make the most of time spent in the car, at the shops, at the breakfast table and much, much more.

Maths, Magic and Mystery

First delivered at the Ilkley Book Festival in 2010, this is an entertaining, family-friendly look at the surprising maths that anyone can explore at home. The talk includes mind-reading tricks, games and a surprising revelation about PG Tips teabags. It works best with a mixed audience of adults and children aged 6+, and is particularly suitable for parents who are terrified of maths.

Maths for Mums and Dads

Why does my child look blank - or have a tantrum - when I demonstrate 'long multiplication'? And what on earth is 'chunking'? In this lively talk-come-workshop for parents of primary children, Rob gently guides anxious parents through modern methods of teaching arithmetic, explaining why things have changed, and what you can do to make maths more enjoyable at home. Packed with practical tips and ideas, it's a down-to-earth, accessible talk, ideal for after-school, parents-only events.

"Thanks so much for coming in to do the parent workshop last week – I have spoken to lots of happy parents who were very grateful for the session".  Hillbrook Primary, Tooting 2021.