Maths Articles

Over the years I have written many articles on numerous topics for a variety of journals, newspapers and so on. Here are a few of them.

The Science Of Parties

Eight scientific tips for making your party a roaring success without the anxiety.

New Scientist Christmas Edition 2003

How To Make "Popular" Maths Book Popular

There's a section in most high-street bookshops entitled Popular Maths and it's not an oxymoron!

for Radio 4 Open Book, 2004

Joined Up Teachers

How can teachers hope to present a united face for maths if they don't even link up with each other?

The Mathematical Gazette, 2008

Why Parents Can't Do Maths Today

An article for BBC online news magazine.

BBC, 2010

Mum, Dad, That's Not How We Did It at School

The new jargon of primary school maths, and how to deal with it.

The Times May 2010