Why do Buses Come in Threes?
By Rob Eastaway and Jeremy Wyndham

First published in 1998 in the UK and USA, the most recent UK edition published by Portico Books in 2020

Why is it better to buy a lottery ticket on Friday? Why are showers always too hot or too cold? And which classic puzzle was destroyed by Allied bombing in the war?

"Why do buses ...?" is for anyone wanting to remind themselves that maths is relevant to almost everything that we do. There are chapters on gambling, dating, magic tricks and much more.

Behind the scenes:

I wrote this book with my close friend Jeremy Wyndham, who tragically died after a heart operation in 2003. The foreword in the original edition was by Sir Tim Rice. We had a fantastic time writing the book and to our amazement, it rocketed up the bestseller lists after reviews in The Daily Mail and The Guardian, at one point reaching the Amazon top 20. The title was inspired by the tendency of buses near my East Dulwich home to cluster in threes or fours. The French edition is entitled "Pourquoi les bus arrivent-ils toujours par trois?"

Jeremy, I miss you and your infectious humour.

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Buy a signed copy from Maths Gear