The Hidden Maths of Sport
By Rob Eastaway and John Haigh

Published by Anova Books, 2011

This dip-in book talks about a host of ways - serious and light-hearted - in which maths touches sport, from the tactics of a tennis server to the best place to aim a dart if you are an average pub player. Most chapters feature sport puzzles and historical anecdotes. Altogether there are more than 40 sports referred to, not surprisingly the big sports - football, cricket, athletics, etc - get most of the coverage. This is as much a book for sports fans as it is for those who like maths.

Behind the scenes:

John Haigh is not only a top statistician but also has an Oxford Blue for football, which helped to ensure this book is well grounded in reality. This is an updated and completely redesigned version of How To Take A Penalty 2005 and Beating the Odds 2007 - and at last we have a title that accurately describes the book. There's a great endorsement by former cricketer Ed Smith on the cover.

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