Headscratchers - The Puzzle Book
by Rob Eastaway and Brian Hobbs

Published by Allen & Unwin

(5th October 2023)

'A marvellous miscellany of mysteries'
- Simon Singh

'Hours of arguing and puzzling. I loved it.'
- Matt Parker

This highly engaging collection of 70 puzzles comes from the popular weekly column in New Scientist magazine. You'll find puzzles that are great for sharing with friends at a pub, problems drawn from real-life situations, games with intriguing strategies, and puzzles with such creative and whimsical storylines that they need to be explained to be believed.

With the solutions you'll read the untold back stories behind the puzzles, and a fascinating exploration of related puzzles and mathematical ideas. You'll learn why a particular puzzle adaptation involved talking to an expert in sheep genetics, which solution was thought up by the BBC Radio 5 Drive team, and outside-the-box solutions to apparently straightforward challenges. This book is a must for any lover of puzzles or recreational mathematics.


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Buy a signed copy from Maths Gear