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A Monarchy Mnemonic

An extra line is needed

When I was about ten, my mum taught me a rhyme for remembering the kings and queens of England. "Who needs one of those?" you might ask.  Actually it's proved to be remarkable handy over the years as a historical reference point.  Just the other day I read a quote from Shakespeare's Richard II.  Who he?  Ah yes, son of pious Edward III, and precursor to Henry IV/V/VI and the Wars of the Roses that followed.

The version I was taught (which differs slightly from the version published on Wikipedia et al) goes as follows:

      Willie, Willie, Harry, Ste(ve)

     Harry, Dick, John, Harry 3

     One two three Neds, Richard 2

     Henry 4, 5, 6, then who?

     Edward, Edward, Dick the Bad

     Henry, Henry, Ned the lad

     Mary, Elizabeth, James the vain

    Charlie ,Charlie, James again

    William and Mary, Anne-a-Gloria

    Four Georges, William and Victoria

    Edward, George, Edward, George again

    Then Elizabeth 2 began her long reign.


Now it needs an extra line.

p.s. My eldest daughter learned the excellent Horrible Histories song, which borrowed a couple of phrases from this old rhyme, including Anne-a-gloria.

p.p.s. The version my mum learned as a child stopped at Victoria.  Presumably her teacher regarded those who came afterwards as being too recent to be called history.